These custom raindrop crystal chandelier contrast beautifully against the new rustic modern floor to ceiling fireplace. 

Before - Dated and a hodgepodge of renovations from the 60's-2000's

Midway Construction - Removed all layers of flooring, railings, odd closet that closed off the space and about to remove the dated fireplace. 

After - Wide open spaces with flowing hardwood floors, new custom lighting and floor to ceiling hand laid stone fireplace.  Also note the custom table made by Cody. 

Custom made from old, stained lumber Cody found and rebuilt into a giant floor mirror to bounce even more light around the space. 

Before - Odd white painted beams that dated the space. 

After - With a fresh coat of paint, then a good and deep belt sanding these beams now add character and draw your eye up to the vaulted ceilings. Also note the custom made glass pendants above the new island. 

The new kitchen got the five star treatment as well with these amazing granite tops we had specially brought in from brazil. 

Before - Cramped and oddly laid out kitchen with a corner of doors and little to no space for more than one person to work in. 

After - Kitchen is now wide open to the attached sunroom with ample counter space and plenty of room for people to gather around this double sided peninsula island. 

After - Now open on both sides for kids and grandkids to gather around...this kitchen now has more space for multiple people to work and gather in. Open to the rest of the home, this kitchen is truly the heart of the home now. 

Before and After - Widening the open between the kitchen and the sun room was crucial to the design. 

Check out these old, thick beams Cody found and created a custom table out of them for our clients new dining room. 

This industrial table Cody created, paired with the traditional/modern chairs creates the perfect gathering space. 

For a pop of color, this acid washed rug is the perfect contrast for the space. 

Custom Sun Room 

Sun washes the spaces. 

This old door that was hidden in the corner of the room, not only served as color inspiration for the sunroom but also was rebuilt by Cody into a coffee table. 

Custom chandelier for the sunroom.

Its all about the details. 

Project Inspiration. 

Details. Details. Details. 

There is something completely satisfying as a designer when you see the pure joy, tears of happiness, and genuine appreciation when a client sees the final product for the first time.
— Cody Brown

Client's first time seeing the wall of his wife and children over the years. One can only imagine the memories that come flooding back to him as he looks at all the pictures from over the years. 

"Wall of Memories" A lifetime of memories is captured here in one wall.